FAT: Day 4 - Beyond

Cristobel Couture at Toronto Alternative Fashion Week. This show was so crazy. A parade of alter-egos, subconscious desires, and wacky characters. Actually creative and very entertaining. It was preluded by a short the designer made telling of his daily roundabouts – going to the grocery store, taking the subway, prostituting - all while wearing craaazy outfits and huge platform heels.

Heidi Ackerman's collection was a whimsical show with amazingl silhouettes and shape. It was mostly neutral with pops of colour every now and again. There were a lot of chunky knits and eXXXtra-big shoulders. Models varied from stick thin to curvaceous which was wonderful. Very forward thinking and some of the clothes were almost wearable. She also chose to play The Knife, who I love and included "Neverland" in the video I made. PS: I recommend Fever Ray, Karin Dreijer Andersson's solo project!!

Salvadore by Martha Sharpe was a beautiful contradiction. Architectural, hard lines and colour blocking mixed with floral embellishments. Grays and Blacks were pitted against bright corals and oranges. Very clean. My friend [tiffany ]walked in it and she looked gorgeous. And those shoe attachments!!

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